Use Your Furniture To Maximise Your Space

The main problem of homes in current times is that there simply isn’t enough space in them, people are literally living on top of each other and space is at a real premium in a lot of areas. As a result it is important to really get the most out of what you have available and nothing does this more than by arranging and using furniture intelligently.

So whether you are a first time buyer or just fancy a revamp, here are some tips on how to get rid of that cluttered feel in your home.

Less Is More
Don’t be afraid to move things around, opening up an area, especially the entrance of a room can really help reduce the feeling of looking cramped. To do this you simply have to ensure furniture isn’t in any of the main walkways or routes you tend to travel in, you are literally cutting out any obstacles that can affect your path. If you have a small livingroom then why not consider removing your coffee table? They often reduce the floor space and make a room feel a lot smaller.

Choose Your Colours
It isn’t a factor a lot of people take into account but choosing furniture that is a similar colour to your wall will have the effect of being less prominent in the room and therefore make the room look bigger.

Use Height
This rule applies for a variety of pieces from bookshelves to sofas and beds. By having the likes of beds and couches higher up you afford yourself more storage space beneath them. This means you can tuck any excess clutter neatly away from sight.

Intelligent Materials
One of the easiest ways to make a place look bigger is by investing in glass tables or furniture with slim legs, these create the illusion of having more space and can be implemented into most rooms in some way.

Smart Shapes
By having angled furniture you are literally utilising as much space as possible. L-shaped couches mean you aren’t wasting any spare corners in a room. Also by utilising these spaces you can create smaller areas of furniture that help to give rooms an added dimension.

Multipurpose Furniture
When you are short on space it is important to be aware of exactly what you require from your furniture. It could be as simple as considering whether you could double up a bed as a method of storage or if a storage corner of a room could be arranged so that is doubles as an office.

Foldaway Furniture
Perhaps one of the most obvious options is to utilise furniture that can be collapsed and set aside when not in use. This is perfect when incorporated with chairs and tables; it means you don’t have to adjust to permanently having a large dining room table getting in your way when it rarely gets used and this opens up a lot of floor space for you between the times it is used.