Summer Furniture Styles: Indoors & Outdoors

This summer ensure you get the most out of the warm weather by investing in outdoor garden furniture! Garden furniture is something that has often been underutilised in British homes, we can probably put this down to a lot of us not actually having gardens from living in congested areas or simply not having enough space to store it. Thankfully there is a new trend that is sweeping the nation that means you can get the best from both worlds, that’s right! Utilising garden furniture both in your garden and in your house (Ok, so you might not have guessed it but hear us out).

Before you decide against it there are plenty of reasons why this could be a good idea for your home and with interior design being embracing the alternative you are more likely than ever going to be able to pull it off. Here are some of the ways summer furniture could creep out of your garden and into your livingroom.

This is the issue that arises anytime you want to buy something, the sheer cost of buying a couch and chairs for your livingroom can be enough for you to be happy sinking into your old couch. But it is possible to get an entire set of garden furniture for as much as an armchair might cost. We know what you are thinking ‘who would want plastic furniture in their livingroom or dining room’ and this simply isn’t the case, there is such a wealth of materials and styles and they are all great quality. Choose your buying time well and you could get an absolute steal in the sales!

Wear & Tear
Anyone who has adventurous children will know that their furniture is bound to take a beating, whether they climb over it, make stains or even colour it in with crayons. The benefit of incorporating outdoor furniture indoors is that it has been specifically designed to handle the rigors of outdoor weather, therefore your kids will likely struggle to destroy it. The wipe clean nature of the majority of the designs means that cleaning is no chore at all and compare that to cushioned dining room chairs or a suede sofa and it doesn’t take a genius to know which will last longest.

Don’t Be Narrow-minded
Outdoor furniture is so varied in its design and style that there is something to suit everyone. Designers spend a lot of time creating amazing outdoor furniture so don’t be immediately turned off the idea before investigating it. Often these designs have cool and timeless looks that make for really interesting and quirky indoor furniture.

It’s Designed For Outdoors
Having guests over for a garden party? How many times have you not had enough chairs to seat everybody? Well now you simply move your indoor furniture outdoors and everyone will be comfortable. Of course one of the best things about incorporating this style is that if you do decide to get different furniture for your house, you have a perfect set of outdoor furniture that simply has to be placed outside. Usually when replacing a couch you have to go to the trouble of throwing it in a dump or attempting to sell it.