Style Your Own Designer Office Space

One of the biggest work trends the last decade has given us is that more and more of us are beginning to work from home. What was once the dream for a lot of people has become a reality but it seems a lot of people who manage this aren’t actually prepared for it. Working from home isn’t all about sleeping in and then simply plopping yourself next to your laptop on the couch, to work efficiently you need an organised space where you are devoid of distractions and this is often a problem at home.

What people are now looking for is a way of creating an environment at home where they can not only concentrate but one that also aids creativity and inspires you to do your best each day. Creating this atmosphere isn’t as hard as you might imagine but it does require you thinking outside the box, for instance finding stylish solutions for a lack of space can be resolved through customising shelving and storage. Here are some of the best tips you can utilise to improve your home office.

Sort Out Your Seating
It may seem quite obvious and it isn’t necessarily a style tip but a lot of people are content with sitting on a dining room or kitchen chair and this can have an adverse effect on you. These chairs aren’t designed to support your back and neck for long periods, instead you should look for a comfortable chair that you can happily work at, not only will you feel better but you will also be able to concentrate more. Remember a chair doesn’t just have to be functional, try adding a bit of style to it too.

Go Green
There is plenty of research that states having plants around us at work is not only good for the air but it is also calming and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Not only this but it is also a welcome change of colour! Try placing one or two plant pots on shelves or on your desk to help break up all that paperwork.

Get Personal
Some home offices might not get visitors but there are those who will require clients and others to visit. The last thing you want them to see is a messy and bland office. This can be as simple as introducing some vintage storage units as opposed to cardboard boxes and incorporating several light sources to create an interesting mood.

Be Inventive With Storage
A lot of home offices lack space so it is important to be creative with storage units. Why not consider vertical shelving units and modified ladders that allow you to stack books or bits and bobs to help keep your desk uncluttered.

Out With The Old
When you do have an entire room dedicated to your work there is quite a dated feeling that you simply have a desk at the end of it, either facing the wall or in the corner. Throw this idea out the window and bring in a bit of colour and attitude to your surroundings, remember the office should be a representation of your personality and you should want to spend time in there! Good lighting is key to creating a nice atmosphere, so make sure there are lighting options in any dark corners.