Sitting on Style: Interior Furniture Design

When people think of the word ‘home’ it conjures up images of peacefully relaxing in front of the television on a comfortable couch with their feet up and a glass of wine in hand. It is the livingroom that is a central point in communicating and relaxing in a house and therefore a great deal of importance is put on how stylish and comfortable it is.

When I was a university student we once had a set of awful old sofas that we were so ashamed of we covered with cheap throws. It may seem fickle but it was embarrassing having friends over and expecting them to feel relaxed and comfortable in a grotty livingroom. The couch is the biggest piece of furniture you have in your livingroom and therefore it is the most important. Often regardless of how stylish a livingroom is if the couch isn’t up to par then it can bring the whole room down. Of course comfort is key but if you are looking for a date to snuggle up to you when you are watching a scary movie then they aren’t going to feel particularly enamored by an ugly old couch.

Picking a stylish couch isn’t as simple as you might think, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration when buying a couch, from style, colour, and size to the material. Style is an important factor but you also want to bare in mind that you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for it…there’s nothing worse than an uninviting couch. Any furniture you buy for your home is an investment as it will be there for a considerable amount of time, you might see your perfect couch and rush in to buy it only to find it is too big for the room.

Each of the aforementioned factors should be taken into account before making a decision and there are plenty of interior design websites and magazines to help you come up with creative and interesting ways of using a couch and chairs in a room.

Firstly, there are a variety of sizes to choose between so map out your livingroom in a scale drawing and work out what size couch would be best and whether you want it focused on something like the television.

Once you know sizes then you can focus on style. There are hundreds of different designs to choose between and the one you settle on will dictate the overall style of your room. For instance, a deep and soft couch will not lend itself towards a minimalist and industrial style; rather you would want a more structured, upright and firm couch.

You should be able to find stylish and comfortable models at the majority of furniture shops and department stores but don’t let their sometimes minimal stock limit your options. Online sites are the place to go to search for your preferred size and even furniture auctions. Just make sure you don’t overlook the mentioned factors for style!