The Iron Ceiling: Sexism Nevertheless Strong In Russia

The Iron Ceiling: Sexism Nevertheless Strong In Russia

It is perhaps one of the most changes that are visible Moscow’s roads. Two decades ago, you might get months without seeing a woman driver that is single. Now it appears there is a lady when driving of each and every 2nd vehicle.

One of those is Lera Labzina, who’s been driving for 2 years and says which makes her “very, happy.”

“Driving represents another action toward ladies’ freedom,” she claims.

The explosion of females motorists from the roads reflects a shift that is seismic lifestyles since Russians tossed down communism 2 decades ago. More and more women can be occupying jobs that are top areas formerly regarded as male domain names. But even though there tend to be more ladies solicitors, businesspeople, as well as other experts than ever before, perhaps perhaps not everyone’s pleased about this.

Which includes Nikolai Mukhin, who claims just males should really be permitted to drive.

“When i am waiting at a traffic light,” he says, “I keep close track of the light, exactly what do females do? they truly are gaining lipstick. Read More